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"As a child growing up in the rural part of Northern Nigeria, I saw my Mom and other women going to farm and working so hard to support their families. These women leave home at the dawn of the day to farm, work till sunset and once it is evening, they pick up firewood which serves as fuel for cooking. They carry them home on their shoulders. When they get home, no matter how late it is, they still go into the kitchen to prepare meal for their husbands and children. 

What baffles me more is that I see older women doing the same thing and I wonder when they are going to retire. But the truth is, if they retired, who is going to take care of them? This is the average life of a Gbagyi woman." - Eli Waduba

Hard Work - Custom Giclée


This is a stunning fine art reproduction printed on archival museum-quality paper to your size and finishing specifications, matted and bagged. By limiting and numbering each print, you can be assured your acquisition will maintain its exclusivity and value. "Hard Work" is limited to 100 reproductions, and is hand numbered with print order and edition.

If you are interested in a more custom or extra large size, inquire here

Original Medium: Pencil on Paper

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