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A piece of original art from Eli Waduba is much more than just a stunning charcoal drawing for your home. It is an heirloom treasure, crafted with skill and determination. It is an investment in passion, and hope of a brighter future worldwide. Each work inspires emotional conversation, and will bear as a reminder that anything can be accomplished through strength, will and most importantly, faith. Each masterpiece is sealed on the back with Eli's stamped thumbprint, as a symbol of authenticity

Acquire a Unique


By commissioning a piece of art from Eli Waduba, you are acquiring in an heirloom piece that is customized to what is special to you and your family. It will be truly valuable and rare, as he only takes a limited number of client commissions per year. You are not only investing in beautiful art for your home, but you are helping to spread a powerful message of achievement, despite extreme adversity. 

Commission an Original


A giclee is a fine art print that is crafted to stunningly replicate the original. These archival reproductions are on the finest paper using museum quality Inkjet printing techniques, ensuring these works of art can be cherished for generations to come. As each giclee is printed to order, size is fully customizable. By limiting and numbering each print, you can be assured your acquisition will maintain its exclusivity and value. 

Acquire a Custom Giclée

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