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Artist Statement

Through art, I am able to create a world that competes with the camera and amazes people. I identify has a hyperrealism charcoal artist, although I occasionally implement the use of other mediums such as graphite, pen, and colored pencils. I’m in love with making art because it gives me a sense of fulfillment to create something that can amaze and inspire others. My wish is to reach my full potential while glorifying God in all that I do – for he provides me with the strength and hope to persevere with my dream.


I am Gbagyi by tribe, from Kaduna state, Nigeria. While art has always been an outlet for me, my education is also at the forefront of my plan, a value instilled in me by my father. My primary education contributed not only to my knowledge, but also my religious foundation. Noting the opportunities that grew with educational advancement, I ventured into my tertiary education at Kaduna Polytechnic College where I studied Cooperative Economics and Management. 


Through art I hope to fashion a legacy of reaching my fullest potential, as an artist and Christian. My dream is to ignite a flame in others -- encouraging and influencing them, to likewise, be the best and truest version of themselves. - Eli Waduba

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Digital Gallery

Preview the comprehensive collection or charcoal artwork from Eli Waduba.

Artist Biography

Waduba explains that there was never a specific time in his life when he decided he wanted to be an artist; instead, he asserts that he was “born one”. His earliest memories of illustrating were at the ripe age of only 8. His then recreations of fairytale and fictional characters have since flourished into an astonishing and captivating portfolio of charcoal pencil Hyperrealism and Contemporary Realism pieces, gaining the attention of a worldwide audience.


Through creating art, Waduba has been able to build a clientele that spans multiple continents. He has also caught the eye of celebrities and has been endorsed by Kevin Hart as well as Steve Harvey. His works have been featured on prominent tv shows such as Good Morning America and CGTN Africa.


Currently living in the village of Gonin Gora, Waduba greets each day with fortitude and optimism, while being the product of an environment where there is much to be held back by. Despite facing violent, economic, and religious turmoil on a regular basis, Waduba’s fervency and faith remain unshaken.


He not only gifts his skill to the world through creating art, but also by teaching it. He trains students from his home as well as children from local orphanages. He is leading by example of how take control of your own path and pursue your passions despite the cards you have been dealt.


By channeling hope and persistence, Waduba is challenging the odds and creating remarkable works of art full of emotion and power. He is providing an opportunity for himself that inspires a message of triumph, hard work, and unwavering faith.

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